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the tail bone,pelvis ,it pretty much defines itself.
i was screwing her doggystyle and my pubes kept grinding hard on her assbone.

that guys a total assbone
by the real luba May 20, 2008
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The Ass Bone is used for many daily movements. However, when even slightly hurt, can be broken. Most common cases of a broken ass bone are caused by squatting heavy weights and falling on the Ass bone.
Yesterday Henry hurt his Ass Bone from squatting. Hopefully, he will heal well.
by yourdeath9111 June 10, 2018
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1: the unusually smelly cartlidge surrounding the anus due to years of waste management being transported through "that" locale.

2: poop gate

3: boney hoop of carnal pleasure
This soup smells like ass bones.
Bring on dem ass bones, its ridin time.
by Lapis October 18, 2004
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