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A derogatory title regarding someone who goes out of their way to be a jerk. Their single purpose in life is to cause trouble and bring misery to the people around them. They show no remorse nor do they care about consequences. They are of little value to society and tend to get where they are by exploiting.

In a perfect world, these people would be shot on site.
You find yourself being beat down by multiple opponents at once. After humiliating you in defeat they stand above you taunting you and doing pelvic thrusts. Despite the fact that they admittedly cheat, they still think they're better than you. The insults continue. Ass-biscuits
by Redpill July 06, 2005
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A Combination of sweat, poo, and cotton from boxers that has clug to the anal hairs are referred to 'Ass Biscuits'.
Jack: ' Aw Boys, Ive got a massive ass biscuit!!'
'My nails are hurting from the last picking session last week of my ass biscuits.'

Ass Biscuit(s)
by Thom els August 17, 2008
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same as dingleberries- when pieces of rectal waste become attached to anal hairs
oh no vivien has got a bit odf an ass biscuit

by jesus h christ April 02, 2003
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A nickname that connotes fondness, much like biscuitlips and shitmuffin.
Who's a cute little assbiscuit? You are! Yes you are!
by HAASespecial June 08, 2007
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A sandwich made from the 'butt' ends of a loaf of bread.
"Yeah, there was some leftover chicken salad but I had to eat it on a pair of ass biscuits"....
by abudaddy March 27, 2011
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The use of this term comes from the word (biscuit), meaning white boy, which no one other than white people can use without becoming very offended. The term (ass biscuit) refers to the cheapest, skankist white prostitute you can find.
I can't believe you fucked that ass biscuit. OR Dude, I saw your ex last night at the bar, what an ass biscuit!!
by Keenan Mofo April 18, 2008
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