One who is well versed in the health and wellness of the booty. Ass whisperers are akinned to shaman but specialize in the butt. They are both feared and respected in native villages and they can dole out a powerful diarrhea hex if you piss them off. They are generally called upon to correct any malfunction with your rump. They can also be very good lawyers if someone has wronged your butt.

Every once in a while powerful evil spirits will possess your butt causing it to talk and shit uncontrollably. In these cases only the most experienced ass whisperer can expel them. Fortunately this doesn't happen too often.

Sometimes ass whisperers will actual whisper into to random people's butts!! No one knows why they do this but if it happens to you, politely tell them to stop and they will.
Does your tribe have an Ass Whisperer?

We did but he was killed in a raid.
by Black guy who likes white dude December 26, 2013
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Someone who sucks up to people.
"I baked muffins for my whole class."
-"Really? You are such an ass-whisperer, trying to get people to like you."
by Lowla1985 September 20, 2009
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1. Someone who is a snitch; someone who is a suck-up. 2. Someone who tells secrets to another's asshole.
"Tom just told the boss that I skipped work yesterday. She would have never noticed. What an ass whisperer.
by Bryan Whitehurst June 27, 2006
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