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The concentrated area that a dog sniffs at after quickly getting up from the place where they were sleeping or laying. This spot is always wherever the dog's asshole was.
You (to dog): Hey pup! Pick'n up the scent of those juicy burgers huh?

Me: No dude. She just woke up, and she's sniffing for her ass ghosts.
by sam skrambel April 30, 2009
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(v) Pronounced; ass-ghost

1. One who comes in the dead of night to rob you of your anal virginity

2. To have a strange feeling in your bowels, and start shitting blood.

3. To feel like one is forcing their way into your pants violently. It is a good chance that you have an ASSGHOST or ASSPHANTOM inside of you.
Man 1; "Man my ass is raped, i can barley walk let alone shit straight, i think i got a visit from the ass ghost..."
Man 2; "Oh how exciting, did he leave you any money like the tooth fairy?"
Man 1: "Nah must of gotten the jewish ass ghost, all i got was a sore ass"
"oh my stomach hurts, i hope that i did not get a visit by the infamous assghost"
by Dr. RazBerry August 28, 2009
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