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A long penis up the ass.
Deuce asked a man in the bar for an ass pump
by Solid Snake October 21, 2004
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This means anyone who is a knee-jerk Neocon, a rude person, someone who has no filter between the brain and mouth, someone who likes to dis people they consider "inferior" to themselves. Someone who has chronic diarrhea of both the brain and the mouth.
Tom: "I can't believer Bill stiffed her for the tip."
Doug: " Yeah, what an asspump."
by Jimbojones 55 March 31, 2010
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wen u grab a fuckin turkey baster and blast air into ur anus, then lol u fart out the ait on vent like a dik sleeb. ovarie ovvare aovaoadoaha nai aisiahnai hniasnia nisai nanansi ni aia inin ia iani in in in sin inindaidn ianiin n ia inain ins in.

hey shooji mike and kyle,, i got something 4 u, BLAST, who dud how u did dat, a ass pump turkey baster in my ass makes air reflect onto yo dome, u pussy bitch.
by jasoman August 31, 2006
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