to fall in such a way as your bum flips over your head
Man, last New Years Eve you really fell ass over tea kettle down Clint's basement stairs
by TheConcierge April 14, 2005
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A term often used by those living in the North-Eastern United States, where rapidly changing winter weather creates slippery conditions for pedestrians without warning. Similar to taking a "wicked shitter," going "ass over tea kettle" describes the motion of the body as it somersaults uncontrollably on a driveway or down a set of basement stairs, for example. The tea kettle is valued during cold winter months and is used metaphorically to assert that something important (along with one's ass) has been damaged in the fall.
Not realizing that the driveway froze over, I went ass over tea kettle while goin' out to get the mail.
by Red-lah February 3, 2022
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