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The frothed ejaculate created inside a rectum when penetration continues after ejaculation, causing the ejaculate to acquire a foamy texture that resembles frothed milk with chocolate - as in a mocha. This term can be applied to both heterosexual and homosexual anal intercourse.
When Elton John pulled his cock out of Clay Aiken's stretched asshole after cumming twice, his frothy load made Clay's gaper look like an ass mocha.
by Cock Blogger March 20, 2009
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The result of drinking a lot of coffee on an empty stomach and later blowing it back out in the shitter. It will will typically have a liquid consistency, be light brown in color, and have a rich Colombian aroma.
"Dawg, I fully expelled near a gallon of ass mocha in the shitter just now."
by Mad Druid October 04, 2004
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