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This is a dingleberry, aka a sailor caught in the rigging or a chuggernaut, ie a mixture of shit and toilet paper left lurking in your anal crack or clinging to your arse cress after shitting. It can only be removed with bare fingers.
Penelope was such good friends with Christian, she even picked off his ass maggots for him.
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Ass Maggot (n):

Name of the larval phase of development in insects of the order Diptera (flies) that have laid eggs in a persons rectum. Flies are often drawn to the scent of rotting or decomposing flesh or feces where they then lay eggs. Hence when a person neglects to clean their rectum of fecal debris larval gestation may occur.

Can also be used to describe a person of disgusting personal hygiene.
Justin the hobo had a horrible case of ass maggots because he never cleaned his butt crack after he craps behind the dumpster.
by DieFlederMaus February 17, 2010
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1. n - A disgusting, larval parasite that lives in the anus or rectum of a corpse; one who resembles such a creature in appearance or behavior.
Wait . . . after she told you the doctors said it was cancer, you still dumped her that night? What kind of vile, shit-eating ass-maggot are you, anyway?
by nihil8r April 30, 2003
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A whiny, sniveling, and ungrateful person. This word coined (AFAIK) by Nihil8r, and first used on the comments board at on 4/30/03.
how about you be mature and gracious they did you a favor you goddamned assmaggot (From the original posting.)
by Pending April 30, 2003
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one clinging to life as a parasite of the ass, allowing for the survival of devolved ass-latched peoples.
Catholic Priests, and the red headed step children they rape.
by foshizzle December 03, 2003
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someone thats ass is so nasty that it draws maggots
he is such an ass maggot
by ani_the_feral_ferret October 28, 2003
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