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an ashari is superrrrr fine like all the boys want her .she carries herself like a rolemodel . she funny and talks real sweet . she talented in anything she puts her mind to . she impresses the boys with her beauty and skill yet she is a gogetter .
like damn thats ashari bro im bout to go tap that ...
damn ashari so fine man even when she crying

ashari likes my type of music bro .........
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by bodak-purple October 15, 2017
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An Ashari is a very fine specimen. They don't care about what you have to say about them. Very chill and pretty much down for whatever, but she knows her limits. I would suggest you get one as a friend. Sort of the smartest move i ever made. Don't get on her bad side because it's like walking barefoot on your own fiery grave. She's brutally honest and you'll know how she feels about you. She never stops smiling or laughing. Giggles like fuck. Always making up stupid theories and always has something irrelevant on her mind. She's not listening to your bullshit so stfu. G3T MON3Y $
laura: ashari, why do you think i'm a cat?
ashari: i wonder what a flies' organs look like.
laura: ...
by likeomgwtf July 15, 2009
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super sexy girl
loves cats
tends to be brutally honest

is super funny
its not to hard to make her laugh
guy 1: you talked to ashari?
guy 2: yeah she cracks me up!
by hotpatotie July 14, 2009
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