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Impoverished because of an attachment to a bohemian lifestyle. Broke because one is attempting to adopt a pose of the "starving artist."
Those "hippies" were drinking martinis and tipping well all night. They're what you call artbroken.
by Rockaway September 12, 2006
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A state of creative paralysis characterized by emptiness, longing, and short bursts of creativity violently stifled by practicality or haunting memories of unnecessarily brutal critiques from previously artbroken professionals. Typically felt by art and design students during thesis year or during execution of highly constrained project brief. Extended periods of artbrokeness may result in complete art abandonment or in more extreme cases, corporate design consulting jobs.
I feel so artbroken - before design school I could draw human emotion, I could feel the music when I danced, I could see beauty in the littlest moments and I was inspired by everything - now I spend all my time wireframing apps and searching for free icons.

I give in, he totally artbroke me in that crit. I swear I'm designing for the next project brief in perfect convention so I don't have to retake this studio!
by SoullessDesigner November 03, 2013
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The feeling you get when you love a piece of art but find out it is too expensive for you to buy.
"When I found out how much that painting was, I was totally artbroken."
by sfgumby13 March 18, 2014
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