Arsalon is super smart. He is very popular. He is sweet but don't get me wrong if u say something wrong he will attack u like there is no tomorrow. Arsalon has a lot in common with his friends. He is super funny he knows how to make everyone laugh and he can make the funniest faces ever! When he likes someone he falls in love with them and is very sensitive so if u break Arsalon's heart good luck. Arsalon always has a girl best friend who they have a lot in common with. Many girls like him and many guys want to be him.
Girl 1. Oh my gosh that guy has to be Arsalon!

Girl 2. He is very sweet he's a total Arsalon.

Guy 1. I wish I was as popular as that guy Arsalon
Guy 2. Man I wish I was as Smart as Arsalon
by the ... BOSS November 10, 2018
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