arra is name of love . such a pretty and cute girl . always shows her happy face to covered up all her sadness . so supportive and so friendly . arra also like to keep her secret all herself . arra is a understanding girl . annoying but funny . like more than 1 boys but loyal if arra get one of them . really easy to laugh . love to sleep , eat , dreaming and laugh . always makes someone feel better
boy: i want arra type of girl

girl: arra is my type of my friends
by sad happy November 16, 2017
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by PEIOD QUEEN June 16, 2020
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The sound made when scratching the sample "oh yeah!". Employed in conceptual affirmation.
"Wanna go for a ride in my lo-lo?"
(Response) "Arra!"
by D'vizzle March 18, 2005
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a short word from a long ass name . all boys want her . she so kind , pretty , cute , loving, friendly and never be the same . everyone want to be arra's friend . she's funny . she always help her friends in everything . she loves all of her friend and thats the reason why she always cares about her friends. she such a hyper girl . always know how to treat people . she so expensive . people like to be around her . she eats alot and sleep alot . she's a wife material . now that's what we call a goal
guy 1 : i like that girl , who is that ? she so perfect !
guy 2 : hell no , thats mine , that girl names is arra

girl 1 : omg she so pretty . i wanna be arra's friends

girl 2 : me too
by sad happy December 28, 2017
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the cooliest and most badass chick in cirque du freak. she protecc but she also fite.
also the nickname of many artists or as they like being called arratists they make bad puns but will love you. they're supportive and super nerdy and always drawing. they also have a weird taste in music
man I think arra nicknamed herself after that badass chick arra in cirque du freak but can you blame her?
by ArraBoi July 8, 2017
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To strongly emphasize the letter "R".
Spell fur?
F. U. R (Arra).
by Tab D April 25, 2021
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"Arra quince" (pronounced ARE-ah KEEN-say) is Spanish for "AR-15." This is a nickname for the AR-15 rifle, originally manufactured by Colt Firearms, but now made by many other manufacturers. (An AR-15 copy is called a "clone.") Parts are interchangeable between AR-15 rifles made by different manufacturers. AR-15 rifles usually shoot .223 Remington caliber cartridges (called 5.56mm cartridges in the U.S. military), but there are AR-15's chambered for a variety of other rounds as well, including .222 Remington Magnum, 7.62x39mm, 6.8mm SPC and others.
"Que tal, amigo, is that your new arra quince?"

"Si, esta bien, no? Man, I love this rifle! It rocks every bit as bad ass as that Colt your brother bought! Let's go bust some caps, no?"
by LowProfile88 July 25, 2009
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