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Someone on the Ares Peer to Peer network who goes into chatrooms and talks about Botnets and how they will drop chatrooms in order to compensate for being socially unaccepted in real life. Typically an Ares Hacker will be early teenage years, have poor hygiene and noticably low self esteem.

There is a code of conduct which must be followed in order to be a successful Ares Hacker. This includes:

- ending all sentences with "rofl", "lmao" or similar.
- ensuring that everyone in the chatroom is aware that you are familiar with bot nets.
- bragging about the fact you use Linux instead of Windows.
- using 3rd party chat clients to obtain users' ip addresses. (Note: It is important that the chat clients were made by someone other than yourself, in fact you must have no knowledge of programming, but pretend you made the client anyway!)
- be able to google a proxy ip to avoid being banned, and act really clever about the fact you can avoid being banned.
normal user> Hey, sup!
ares hacker> STFU before I drop this room ROFLLLL
normal user> Dude you need to get laid or somethin!
ares hacker> ZOFMGZ I have your IP you will be pwnt you noob LMAOOOOOOO
by shaun_ February 18, 2008
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A l33t ares user who claims to possess the capabilities to
PWN other ares users.

Usually a nopic.

Ares user with a small penis complex.

Internet bully



Dude, I am an ares hacker and my skills are l33t enough to pwn you so stop calling me gay.
by sunnysnow0 February 18, 2008
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generally spanish, treaten to DoS you or ping you.
90% of the ares population are mexican ares hackers, aka mexihackers
Alexandre pato> unbanned me or i dos
Paw> pato, stfu you ares hacker
by pawsy February 18, 2008
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