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Angelic, perfect, musical, witty, bold, intelligent, and delightful. Not used for people with only some of the listed features. All the traits are neeeded and must be present in the same person. Additional attributes are OK. Because of the strict list of requirements, the term is used extremely rarely.
Shes is no ordinary person- shes archana
by Decider_M May 04, 2006
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beautiful, fine, sexy. the most wonderful thing you've seen in the world. Fuckable. Loveable. Careable. Dareable. Wearable. Perfect.
Damn, that girl's so archana, i wanna take her home with me every night.
by sammy7812 August 07, 2005
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An Archana is a man or a woman who is in touch with the world and their surroundings, physically, mentally, and spiritually. An Archana may also be able to sense thing that others cannot.
My friend over there is an Archana. She can sense demons and spirits.
by I’m an Archana April 22, 2018
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someone who is in love with GAP clothing to the point that it takes over his/her life.
Damn look at all these clothes, your such an archana.
by bill curry smtih February 28, 2010
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