Whenever you misspell something, you have arc syndrome for just a moment. Mostly reference to the user arcadeant and how he cannot spell.
Person 1: "Fack you dude"
Person 2: "Lmao arc syndrome"
by Arcadeant July 4, 2021
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when you’re starting to do drugs, loan money from others, date minors etc.
dude you’ve been smokin so much coke!you’re on your haney arc!
by littlesnowcold45 February 6, 2022
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A woman with no frontal lobe who failed as a mother and stabbed a nine year old
Person A: do you have a frontal lobe?
Person B: idk
Person A: omg! Isabella arc!
by Theshakenneverland May 14, 2022
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Chrollo is lider of the Phantom Troupe who works with Jason until Chrollo decides to lead the Phantom Troupe and kill Jason as he "fills the void" he had and became a "monster."

Chrollo and Jason fight briefly, but Chrollo is killed by a knife thrown by Jason's daughter, Lucy.

After Jason has restored the fortunes of Boulder City he has sex with Lucy and reanimates Chrollo, asking his old friend to kill Jason as he had been corrupted.

Chrollo leads an army against Jason and Lucy, but Jason forces him to turn back and they fight.

The last flashback of Jason shows him at Chrollo's funeral, listening to "Monster Mash" on a jukebox and pledging to bring Jason back to life.

The film ends with Jason using his powers to revive Chrollo and once again attacking Jason and Lucy as the film fades to black.

An additional fight scene featuring Jason and Blondie's pal Faygo is shown after the credits.

The plot of the film is similar to that of "".

While in the Phantom Troupe, Chrollo takes on a number of heroes and villains from the series, such as the reporter Azrael, and Jason was able to kill him by punching him in the face and then lighting Chrollo on fire with a flame thrower.
Faygo makes a cameo in a sequence in which Chrollo leads the attack on Jason, with a cameo from Jason playing Pac-Man.

Wes Craven had originally conceived the film as "Jason Goes to Hell", and as originally written and filmed, Jason was killed by Chrollo.

However, Craven noted that "Jason Goes to Hell" "didn't really sell as a horror movie."

Craven later said "when it became a Jason movie, it was actually a new sort of film, as opposed to a continuation of a franchise."

Craven did not intend for it to be a parody of "Hellraiser", though.

He later said, "You take a big hit, and then you come back even bigger.

A lot of people thought it was a "Hellraiser" parody, which it isn't.

It's really something totally different."

Todd "Scream" Littleton, the effects artist, was given free rein. -- Hunter x Hunter Jason Arc
by Drapen June 6, 2022
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The user imbued with Gravy Arc energy, usually through declaration, cannot lose debates. Any person(s) debating this individual automatically concede upon the start of the debate. To initiate the Gravy Arc, one must be called "A successful individual" by another person within the community.
"There's that nigga Crisis,
I would not debate him right now he has hella Gravy Arc energy. The Gravy Arc Razor might take effect."
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When you are undergoing your light-skin arc. Similar to character development but with light-skins.
Mike:”Bro I thing I’m going through my light-skin arc
Jake:”what do you mean my boi?”
Mike:”my inner light-skin is coming out”
Jake:”oh no bro”
by yessir01 June 6, 2022
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The beginning arc to a very chaotic, multi-dimensional, and extremely gay frog crossover roleplay
Person A: I was a part of the Syrup Arc (Worlds Collide Roleplay).
Person B: How the frick do you keep track of everything in that rp?
Person A:

Person A: I don't.
by Echooooo November 2, 2021
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