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A great hero in Albanian mythology who was known for fighting bravely in many wars.
by LionBlaze July 01, 2010
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A man of great strength and courage who was admired by many people for fighting bravely in the war to save mankind and all civilization. Many people thought he could never die because of all the feats he accomplished as a warrior and still survived.
Guy 1: "That guy is a good fighter."

Guy 2: "Not nearly as good as Arben."
by LionBlaze June 30, 2010
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Arben is a handsome person, very smart and rich. Every one who's name is Arben are likely good guys and have very great personality. If your name is Arben, you can go out and just tell girls your name, they all fall in love with you, no problem. They all want your dick, but you'll have to choose between all this beautys. Choose carfully.
Me : "Hi, I'm Arben"

Girls : *Takes pants off*
Me : "No no girls, take it easy... How you doin ?"
Girls : *River start to flow...*
by 1a2s3d November 13, 2018
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A person who is really really bad at everything especially fifa(proclubs), COD, and anything involving skill. A moral abomination of all living creatures.
I’m Arben”

Guy whispers to friend “yo let’s leave”
by Kavsiwvdyejekwos February 24, 2019
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