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A great hero in Albanian mythology who was known for fighting bravely in many wars.
by LionBlaze July 01, 2010
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A man of great strength and courage who was admired by many people for fighting bravely in the war to save mankind and all civilization. Many people thought he could never die because of all the feats he accomplished as a warrior and still survived.
Guy 1: "That guy is a good fighter."

Guy 2: "Not nearly as good as Arben."
by LionBlaze June 30, 2010
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Arben is a guy who is funny , and handsome. Arben can really change your world around. He is also the best in bed once you are in you'll never get out. Arben is a great guy and loves to cheer people up.
Guy 1: Wow that guy is so cool
Guy 2: Dude! Thats Arben
by Ya Boy Being Real March 18, 2017
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