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A craving for rich carbs-laden cuisine that causes your waistline to become overly "snug" inside your belt.
President Taft had such a prodigious appetight that when he died, they buried him in a coffin the size of a piano-case.
by QuacksO October 27, 2018
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A male's desire for a tight vagina, because of the enhanced sexual pleasure and comfort of knowing that the vagina has not been intromitted as many times as a loose vagina has. A loose vagina cannot satiate an appetight.
Donnie: Yo Tommy, wanna tag along for a double date with two DTF senior girls and me for tomorrow's date function? I'm on a cold streak!

Tommy: Hell no, D-Bag, I'm got a roaring appetight, so I'm going with that freshman chick from genetics class.

Donnie: Damn, I wish I wasn't so desperate so I could work my game for the rewards like you. I'm gonna have to settle for a loose meat sandwich again.
by BlewDevliz May 04, 2013
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