A large, hairy, beast-like creature, who constantly smokes satan sticks. You can find her in her chair at her house or protecting retards at her work from unwanted dark figures. Also she might be found having sex with her offspring der.
Hey Meg, lets go steal apes cigs today after school!

I dont know Scam, ape might find out.
by Skeg Smith January 07, 2008
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Ape, defined as: A large stupid, some what fat, loud, hairy thing named CHARLENE MORGAN often found sucking up to colesey, annoying people, destroying peoples jobs and generaly acting like a monkey. CLosely relatated to PIG aka AMY.
by Kroppy October 05, 2006
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*Another term for a gorilla.

*A racist slur toward a black person (because of the physical similarities between black people and monkeys).

*A term referring to a person who lacks intelligence.
"Donkey Kong is an ape."

"Don't call a black person an ape please...."

"C'mon you dumb apes! We gotta get goin' before New York's Finest catches up!"
"What the hell're you waitin' for ya apes?! Kill him!"
by Dave May 19, 2004
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Sick would be used as follows:

"Dude that's sick!"
instead you would say:
"Dude that's ape!"
by heulendude June 08, 2016
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the hardest and most boring (unless you have a lot of friends in your class) class in existence. if you can make an A in the class, you must be some kind of really hard-working genius
I love my APES friends, but the tests in there are impossible!
I can't BELIEVE I got stuck in APES...
by Sarah Riddle January 17, 2009
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In biker slang, short for "ape hangers"--very tall handle bars so-called for the appearance they give a rider of being an ape hanging from a bar.
Springer got center-punched for leaving his cut hanging off his apes.
by Poet June 19, 2006
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