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Their '60s singles have a kinetic, frenzied power that the louder, harder AOR cuts simply couldn't touch.
by duggie November 26, 2003
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A gay message board poster who hounds straight men out of sexual frustration, usually when his 'fag team' partner isn't online, or when he has been nay'd beyond reach of the straight man's nay count. AORs hold grudges for many months, often making references in posts to previous accounts of frustration with the target heterosexual poster.

An AOR typically resorts to constant emoticon usage, often ending his posts with a face_laugh with the assumption that this helps him win his arguments, even when the straight man doesn't bother arguing in the first place.

An AOR can be easily irritated when, in response to a particular instigation, the poster who is the focus of an AOR's current attack simply copies and pastes a previous response repeatedly.
Who is that poster who keeps pointlessly complaining about frankdux in almost every thread that frankdux does or does not post in?
Oh, that's AOR. Don't mind him. He doesn't know how to let things go.
by frankdux April 28, 2008
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Acronym(TLA) for Another Obscure Reference. Used in context of terms which are esoteric and can only be understood by people with an expertise in a certain field
Godwin's Law is an AOR to those who are not familiar with BBS
by munchtime August 03, 2005
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