Tall, handsome and the best guy to talk to. Aone can make your day. He can make you feel like the only girl in the whole universe. That's Aone for you.
Girl : oh my god Lisa's so lucky, I wish I had a Aone
by Yskkhd May 30, 2019
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"Yo, Dane, AoN, I got to go."

"AoN, you suck!"
by =3 - Sexy May 13, 2009
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a name for those who are adicted to something,preferably fire or foxes.name also comes from a small three-tailed fox.
Aon slipped out of teh box.:>
by Atelo September 28, 2003
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A1 or (AONE) Meaning highest quality or highest standard.
A1 or Aone

1. Man-Dem looking A1 wit that new fit fam!
by JapaneseDon May 16, 2019
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Aone Takanobu is the husband of Lolo. He's a volleyball player of Date High Tech. A person with big build but a softie inside. He's very soft and fluffy tho people deemed him as a very scary and aloof person. He would always accidentally hurt his teammates due to his strength especially captain of Dateko.
I'll crush you - Aone Takanobu
Azrul is a simp!- Aone Takanobu's wife

Me is also nanami's wife- Aone Takanobu's wife

Keigo, Tetsurou and Satoru can rail me - Azrul the simp
by Aone's wife January 30, 2021
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