(n) Refers to a group of individuals, engaging in a series of sporting and fitness activities, without properly engaging in any sporting or fitness activities.

Engaging in "pretend" sporting activities for attention
She's part of fit fam now, she posted some gym pictures online

He joined fit fam, just for likes on instagram
by Uncle Factsworth August 14, 2015
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An individual who believes he is part of the "Fit Fam" by choice of his girlfriend. These individuals do not drink beer like men do they drink diddy juice. What ever that is. They do not go out to the bar with the boys as burgers, burritos, pizza and beers are not part of their life style. They tend to have man buns and do anything their girlfriend says. Including staying in on a Friday night to watch the notebook and cook lentils, while the boys are out partying. These individuals also "Stack Paper" mainly by hiding from their friends as sluggin beers and slamming shots can get expensive.
Look at that herb over there with the man bun. He must be a fit fam money stacker.

Well we lost another one of our friends to the fit fam money stackers he's got a knot on the top of his head and can't come out because his gf is cooking lentils and grass fed beef.

Hey man you wanna go out and grab a burger and slam a few beers? Nah dude I gotta stay in with the girlfriend we are fit fam money stackin sippin diddy juice watching the note book
by MashinEM November 18, 2015
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