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A round, shiny object. This object contains the required files to get you into Hell. After downloading said files, you will be forced to pay to browse the web at slow speeds. After initial use, these discs become utterly useless due to their abundance. They can be used as weapons, tools, support for chairs, etc.
Guy1: Dude, I just installed AOL. What do I do with the disc?
Guy2: Pull!

Guy1: I just installed AOL, here, take my disc.
by J. Spearin March 18, 2007
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A flat, circular object with a hole in the middle that is sent out by the billions by AOL about every six seconds in an attempt to convert everyone to the same shitty ISP. Do not despair, however. Said items make fantastic coasters, not to mention suncatchers.
Don't believe the new pro-AOL disc commercial featuring Jerry Lewis and Snoop Dogg. The discs are still full of shit, as always.
by Blizzleair December 23, 2003
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old a computer disc used to install AOL browser

present a shiny reflective disk shaped object used as coaster/decoration/pizza cutter/
thing to fool around with on a sunny day. Usually found in
parking lots or garbage bins or in mail
Some One in the 90s: Sweet! a free browser disk!
Other 90s person: AOL Discs suck man, throw it away

Some one in the present: Sweet! a pizza cutter!
Some retard: NO ITS FOR AOL! USE IT!
by Finalword May 15, 2007
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thing that aol send you for free in the mail to get money from you (yes its confusing but it does make sense)
i put the aol disc i received in the mail into the microwave and it bubbled and got really crispy =
by S T E F F I January 17, 2006
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