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A sound that can be made or used at any time. Can also be used with as many letters as necessary (aoh, aoohh, aaaaoooohh). Usually a sound of distress. Pronounced literally as read, like a lighter version of "ow".
"aoh, I forgot to study for the test today."
by Alicazz January 21, 2009
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a oh, often referred to as blackie, nig nog or drake lookin ass. rapper from illinois who goes hard. hard as my d.
me: dude did you hear about a oh's concert coming up?
them: oh you mean that drake lookin ass kid?
me: yep the blackie.
by vanmeets December 15, 2010
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A scream where by you whip your neck back and release a dangerously high pitched scream.
by Andrew Simpson April 06, 2004
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Acronym which stands for Ass On Head
Dude, Wil just got Aohed by the little hequab.
by John Doez July 30, 2005
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