In "Arabic" means "Brilliant," "The Brightest," "Illumination," "Light," "Enlightenment."

Name in other languages: "Lumiere" (French), "Hikari" (Japanese).
by Cunnning Linguist February 06, 2011
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One who is dependable, loving, caring and absolutly gorgeous. You need her in your life because she is amazing and and unbelievably incredible and will always be the one to take care of you and your heart at all times. One that you should love.
man: hey anwar
anwar: yeaaaa
man: I love you soo much
anwar: why?
man: because your all that I need in this life
by Mr.lovin June 22, 2009
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Anwar is a person who will never let you down.Anwar will never broke your heart and this person will ready to accept you however your condition.Be careful because this person is a sweet talker.You'll melt

Anyone that knew this person must have faith on this person. Of course,loving Anwar for his/her life. So,take care on him and do not betray him.
Girl: Hey,can I have some chocolate for this Valentine's Day?
Anwar: I' sorry,I don't have any chocolate but if you want something sweet,I am here.
by V is my name 41 April 23, 2018
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A hot and sexy guy who had a good hairline and is gonna be famous in the future.
by Doctors June 07, 2018
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The definition of handsome. This BOY is so stunning that when he walks out in public people bow down to him. Every girl in the world wants him because hes so well equipped to please them! He looks like a Greek God except hes Somalian so he looks like a hot bad ass Somalian Pirate! And hes always got money to spend on all his bitches!
*Anwar walks into the street from his billion dollar home*

and everyone bows down to him as if he's Allah!
by The Hottest Bitch Ever July 07, 2011
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