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a cream put on and just inside the anus for soreness/diseases/disorders
i went to the chemist and bought some anusol for my sore arse
by Jed Muir September 25, 2004
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A cream used to remove the visible signs of aging in the gay community of Brisbane, immortalised in the Guns 'n' Roses song 'Don't Fist' (based on their original song, 'Don't Cry').

"Apply Anusol softly / to my damaged brown eye. / It won't be healed tomorrow, / I won't tell a lie. / I know you've had latex inside you. / I've been there before. / Now felching has scarred you / so now you know. / Don't you fist tonight, / stretching's dangerous baby. / Don't you fist tonight. / Don't you fi-i-i-i-st tonight. / Tearing's gonna hurt you baby! / And don't you fist tonight!"

A softer number for post rectal reflection and guilt by the Gunners, as performed in Brisbane during their 'Use Your Intrusion' tour.
"Oh man," Nick groaned. "I can feel anal warts coming on. Talk about a pile driver. Pass me the Anusol, girlfriend."
by Grot E. Gagen November 26, 2007
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What you rub on your anoos if you have some sort of anal infection from participating in homosexual intercourse
jeeze! i gotta get me some anusol!

Wow that David Hasselhoff sure convinced me to buy that anusol product he is a great american ambassdor
by MrJangles July 11, 2008
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