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grand champion, and supreme master of the anus
when i had a life threatning anus disease, i went to seek help from the anus master. i had to travel for many months into the mountains, but i at last found his temple. i approached his throne and told him of my problems, then he just nodded and i felt a great sensation deep in my rectum. then i felt calm and i was at last cured.
by Hakko November 23, 2004
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One who has mastered all things relating to the anus. Usually pertaining to one who knows how to stretch the anus to extreme limits.
"Dude, did you hear about Gary?"
"No, what happened?"
"He's a fifth degree anus master bro!"
"Holy shit!"
by TRAPSTAR550 March 26, 2010
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master of the anus.
i went to seek guidance from the anus master. I travelled 30 days to get to the himalayas. When i approached the anus master, i could feel a tingling in my rectum; i knew it was him. with the clutch of his fist he made me shit a metric shit load. it was truely humbling being in his presence.
by JJ January 11, 2004
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