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A person so incredibly annoying, that the only was to describe him is that they were pushed out of their mother's anus.
Fool, your such an anus baby, you cant just jizz off the porch.

You fucking anus baby dont touch me.
by thizzordie April 24, 2006
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simply a baby that pops out of your anus without warning
person 1: holy crap! that baby just came out of my ass hole!!!

person 2: it's called an anus baby.
by bananuhh woe!man February 22, 2011
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A person who is either short and chode like, or a person who is extremly tall and gangly
Look at that kid! He's must've been an anus baby!! His mama must've crapped him out a lil' early there yo.
by poodle September 12, 2003
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