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Anuk is an alternative word for Asshole/Anuk

This word is used in New Zealand
Anuj likes it up the anuk
by AnukLord July 27, 2016
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Anuk is Hori/Coconut word meaning Asshole
Hori guy; "Seig Fukn Heil bruv, you see that honky over there"
Coconut guy; " Hard dawg hard"
Hori guy; "He loves it up the ANUK dawg"
Coconut guy; "Ewwww you saying that white guy a gay fag gee?"
Hori guy; "Yeah dawg, we should fuk him up"
Coconut guy; " Awww Hard dawg Hard"
by Honky Fella November 18, 2017
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anuk aka "$tash" blazes on the regz and does not comply with Educational Autorities. Is often found on the run from Law Enforcement Agencies and handling HSBC cardz with T.
anuk linked Duwa for the Stash...then proceeded to Sooteye'z free yard to film 'SOOTYS YARD' Part 4.
by Informant #663526 December 09, 2006
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