hello i love you anto youre the sweetest bless u
by December 21, 2021
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very smart boy in science he is very kind , a good friend and he is very strong from inner and looks week

he will keep who is likes like a queen
i wish i want anto anson friend .
by mohan# February 26, 2022
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have you met antoe? Yea they're a dumbass
by vfen75nue March 6, 2022
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Anto raj is a kind ,loyal and sporty person who will take care of his loved one no matter what happens to him. He is hardworking smart and successful. He is an perfectionist. He doesn't accept failure. He is attractive. Easily makes friends everywhere . He is liked by everyone but he will only like one!. He won't take advantage of the rights he have on a person. He takes nothing for granted
Anto raj is a valuable person
by Anto raj August 20, 2018
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someone with genital problems in the livepool slums
b:hey antony how come u have no gaenitalia
anto:i dont know just dont im an anto reid
by bwefc1878 September 13, 2009
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