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As opposed to the good-vibe pop antipop is a rising genre of music led by artists like joji, formerly known as filthy frank.
This type of genre features slowbeats, almost lofi-like tracks but is quite lyrical in expressing the negative feelings which assists people in getting through their sad boi hours. As a movement rising up described as antipop, the genre is different to alt metal in which alternative metal explores the old edgy vibe of being emo or goth with screamo and the typical heavy guitar playing you would expect. In a sense, antipop is similar in the lyrical aspect, investigating the human emotions and the deep thoughts of the mind.
In comparison, antipop can be juxtaposed against pop where tracks are usually upbeat and feel happy go lucky or if vibe checked, allows good vibes only.

Antipop can also be considered a new wave of gloomy music, quite possibly in replacement of the nonexistent emo phase of teens in Gen Z or beyond in the deep exploration of the rising and evolving genre.
A: Have you hear of antipop? I've been trying to find music similar to Joji and apparently antipop is a new genre.
B: Oh shit, really? I know Keshi and Cuco are similar but I didn't know there was a whole ass genre called antipop.
by beepbeepbopbop November 23, 2019
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A rising genre largely labeled by the respective Spotify playlist. Artists co sist of those such as: Joji, BROCKHAMPTON, Cuco, and Still Woozy. Almost like a Lo-Fi mixed with Hip-Hop type vibe. Very hard to explain just go listen to the playlist.
Person 1: β€œHey what kind of music do you listen to?”
Person 2: β€œLike Anti Pop type stuff?”
Person 1: β€œWhat?”
by Spaghettios4 December 19, 2019
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Anti-Pop is a music genre consisting of alternative rock, alternative metal, lofi, hip-hop, and emo rap/singing, this music genre is energetic and has the vibes of a pop song but it isn't one which is why it's called Anti-Pop
Hey man, what do you wanna listen to?

I've been vibing with Anti-Pop music lately so maybe BAD NEWS by Aries?
via giphy
by ZenAdler June 30, 2020
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The below is the creedo of the antipop crusader. It in itself is an excellent definition of what antipop is.

Then the seventh seal, that bore the emblem of mtv, was broken and unto the earth was brought the ultimate evil. that evil was known as pop culture. the ruiner of our friends, family, and chldren. Fear pop. Fear all that is aligned with pop. We, the punks and freaks, must end this rein of terror. We must kill pop....
Aaron Robinson is an excellent example of antipop.
by Ryan L. May 11, 2003
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1) one who is periphiral, on the outside, a non-conformist
2) a song by the most excellent alternative band Primus
3) used mockingly, someone who pretends to be a non-conformist, then goes home and slobbers over the latest TRL lineup
1) I am THE Anti-Pop
2) "I am/the anti-pop/I'll run against your name until the day I drop"
3) Wow, Travis, you are sooooo Anti-Pop
by KurDt March 04, 2005
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1. Non-conformist.
2. A great song by alternative/metal band Primus.
3. An even greater song by Canadian alternative group the Matthew Good Band.
4. Music that sounds popish but does not conform to any other pop music standards.
1. "Dude, there's a reason he looks like a fag yet teabagged your girl...he's anti-pop."
2. "I suck information through the holes in my skull/as my belly gurgles hungry my mouth is always full."
3. "If you give it up they'll love you for it/Give them blood and they'll love you for it..."
4. "Dears? Broken Social Scene? Those ain't pop, you dipshit...that's anti-pop."
by Twiggi September 08, 2005
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