This term means "sexuality involving humans" and includes all genders but does not refer to sexual orientation or practice.

Basically, Anthrosexuality means turning a blind eye to gender. So whether a person is straight, gay, bisexual, transgendered, female to male, male to female, ftm, mtf, queer, pansexual, It doesn't matter. What matters is the connection you have with the person.
Being Anthrosexual doesn't mean having a list of acceptable genders and lifestyles. Infact the entire list is erased, and everyone is seen for what they really are. People.
by Miss X June 29, 2005
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Anthrosexuality basically means being attracted to humans. The word 'anthro' comes from the Greek 'anthropos' which means 'man' or 'human'.

Anthrosexuality is somewhat like bisexuality, except that it refers to all genders and 'in-betweens'. It is the blindness to another's gender or sex. The personality of a person is what attracts an anthosexual person and the connetction that is shared between two people.

Anthrosexuals don't have a list of acceptable genders and lifestyles. Instead, they have no list and see people for what they really are: Human Beings
Chuck: I don't get it, you like guys, and you like girls, but you're not bi?
Anne: I don't like 'guys' or 'girls,' I like people. So I'm anthrosexual.
by Fizzy_Lizzy October 2, 2006
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An ultra-pretentious term for bisexuality. Favoured by cretins who attempt to be unique in every single area, but in doing so are ironically conforming to a cliché.
I am anthrosexual, so I do find women sexually attractive. However, I am largely hetero-romantic. I fall in love with men, I end up in relationships with men, I couldn't really see myself settling down with a woman. Then again, far stranger things have happened. Even if I was with a woman, I would crave penetrative sex. Strap-ons only do so much, and while I really enjoy non penetrative sex, it wouldn't be enough for forever. So, effectively, my response to this thread is to say that the chances of me marrying a man with a very small penis are about the same as me marrying a woman. Not impossible, but we would have to get creative.
by foxyfoxo October 26, 2008
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