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An ultra-pretentious term for bisexuality. Favoured by cretins who attempt to be unique in every single area, but in doing so are ironically conforming to a cliché.
I am anthrosexual, so I do find women sexually attractive. However, I am largely hetero-romantic. I fall in love with men, I end up in relationships with men, I couldn't really see myself settling down with a woman. Then again, far stranger things have happened. Even if I was with a woman, I would crave penetrative sex. Strap-ons only do so much, and while I really enjoy non penetrative sex, it wouldn't be enough for forever. So, effectively, my response to this thread is to say that the chances of me marrying a man with a very small penis are about the same as me marrying a woman. Not impossible, but we would have to get creative.
by foxyfoxo October 26, 2008
When a male masturbates or copulates so often in a short space of time, he reaches the point at which he can no longer ejaculate.

Often accomplished by 14 year old Counter Strike players.
"I wanked 9 times on Tuesday; by the seventh toss I was beginning to chuck salt!"
by foxyfoxo October 3, 2006