1 definition by Fizzy_Lizzy

Anthrosexuality basically means being attracted to humans. The word 'anthro' comes from the Greek 'anthropos' which means 'man' or 'human'.

Anthrosexuality is somewhat like bisexuality, except that it refers to all genders and 'in-betweens'. It is the blindness to another's gender or sex. The personality of a person is what attracts an anthosexual person and the connetction that is shared between two people.

Anthrosexuals don't have a list of acceptable genders and lifestyles. Instead, they have no list and see people for what they really are: Human Beings
Chuck: I don't get it, you like guys, and you like girls, but you're not bi?
Anne: I don't like 'guys' or 'girls,' I like people. So I'm anthrosexual.
by Fizzy_Lizzy October 2, 2006