Lead singer of rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Born in Grand Rapids in 1962, this sex god is a unique example of L.A's best artists. Women want him and men want to be him!!!! Who's wouldn't?
Anthony Kiedis is only the most sexiest and talented rock artist alive. A dark, handsome man with a buff body and an eye for all women, it's no wonder he has 2 out of 4 women after him!
by Tayla February 13, 2004
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The man who yes may be sexy, dirty and may have worn a lot less then people are used to, but he is also a kind, giving and loving man who tryes to take care of himself and everybody and everything around him, people may look at a "socks in coks" picture of him and say what kind of pervert is he? But they would be wrong. He is so amazing and is lucky to be here today he fought with drug addiction and relapase for so many years taking drugs for the first time at the tender age of 11 and loosing his virginity at the same age but he's no pervert but a loving man (it does help that he so fucking hot!!:)He is also in the best rock band ever the red hot chili peppers and has been for 21 years. Amazing or what?
That Anthony dude is hot and he's so talented
by Katie March 18, 2005
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The sexiest, most provacative,dirty (in a HOT way), vocalest ever!

--The one and only, true Sex God--

Anthony means> Inestimable >>too valuable or excellent to be measured.
and that is sure true for anthony!

he is the lead singer of the
Red Hot Chili Peppers... formed in 1983

Someday I will marry that hot peice of ass.
Athony is the ipitamy of all men...
Anthony is the finest guy out there. He has a perfectly sculpted body, not to mention that georgious face!!!
by carr July 30, 2004
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the man i'm going to marry- a born fuckmonster-an eloquent lyrical master who tops it off with a velvety orgasmic voice...
by liz May 18, 2004
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One of the greatest singers (if not the greatest) ever born. My idol, 'cos he is a great singer, he lost his virginity at the age of 12 (beat me by 2 years) and is a brilliant person. Women want him and men want to be like him/ want him.
by csgasser May 30, 2005
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