how do I even start about anneliese? anneliese is a ride or die bestfriend, and a person who is like a sister to you. She makes you smile, and laugh when your sad, and helps you will your problems. she is amazing inside and out, and always will be. she will never let you down or leave you no matter what, she’ll be there for you. she give you food when your dying of starvation and talk to you at 3 in the morning if she has to. make sure you get a bestfriend like anneliese. any boys out there better treat her like she should be or else. Ly lots ann❤️
anneliese, my ride or die, sister, and bestfreind.
by Kaley mabrome April 4, 2018
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Anneliese is a woman to die for.She knows how to keep you longing for more.Shes a leader and also loves to roll her eyes alot.she so attractive you can never take your eyes off her. Her smile is so pretty and her curves never end.She is smart but can sometimes get distracted. likes money alot but knows very well how to get it, great in bed and ever so romantic.She expects alot and she has loads of boys twirling round her finger her sad face always makes you do want you dont want to do and just her smile charms you..... you can never find a girl like Anneliese. Everyone wants to be her friend and most are ever so jealous of her. If you ever get yourself an Anneliese never let her go.... shes a keeper
oml i need an Anneliese
by rosygold March 18, 2017
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She is a very sexy beautiful women and very rare to find. And when you do find her keep her forever. Gorgeous defined classic face and structure that would put any other women to shame, never underestimate the power of her gaze because its enchanting and will leave you wanting more even if its just a passing glance. Long sexy legs with an amazing figure and curves in all the right places. One of a kind girl who is hilarious and could make anyone laugh. Everyone wants to be her friend and get to know her. Deeper mind than most and THE icon for women everywhere.
wow that girl who just walked in the room is such an anneliese.
by dropsofvenom December 29, 2011
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Fair, kind hearted, generous and beautiful. The type of woman any man would be lucky to spend his life with.
Anneliese is the love of my life.
by see to the j February 3, 2010
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Anneliese is a very interesting person... she is by far one of the prettiest girls you can find. Her long blonde hair is softer than silk and is always pin straight and doesn’t get messy. Her huge eyes are usually blue or green and her skin is always clear. She’s got curves in all the right places and know how to get boys longing for more. Despite her beautiful looks, she stays single and rejects every boy except the ones that don’t like her. She is very smart, kind of dorky, has a good sense of humor, athletic, caring, and ince you get to that side of her... very freaky! ;)
Anneliese is so hot
Once I break up with my girlfriend I’m gonna try and tap’n woth Anneliese
by Karis Keys August 23, 2019
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Anneliese is a hot girl. The type of woman any men would be so lucky to spend his life with. Anneliese is hot but also freaky when you get to the side of her. If you have an anneliese don't let her go. The best girlfreind/girl bestfreind anyone can have, now she'll have pretty hair , she's probably a Amazing kisser , a killer body and has a nice booty. With their looks it's hard not to fall for them
Anneliese is sexy
by tiannaa April 4, 2018
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a black/italian woman that is full of class. employed as a adult dancer she knows her way around a pole. she is incredibly beautiful and smart. she fulfills the needs of everyone no matter what they may be. she has long, luscious brown hair. she is the best woman in the world and anyone would be lucky to have her. Will you marry me Anneliese?
my darling Anneliese.
by paksamm November 21, 2010
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