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A girl with this name is very deep. She has a lot of problems but keeps them to herself. She has a good amount of friends but only some friends she trust with all her heart. She is a beautiful, gorgeous girl and very outgoing. She can fit in with any crowd. She can be a little weird and loud but her friends are like that as well. Her first name simbolizes in Greek terms wisdom and she is very smart. Sophia is an out going, fun to be around, all around a great girl. Anna-sophia's are very nice to their boyfriends or husbands, they know how to treat him right and make him happy. She has trouble with relationships and everyone wants to get to know the amazing anna-sophia. If you don't know a anna-sophia then you better find one.
- how was your date tonight ?

- man she was an anna-sophia
by annagoescrazyforbananas January 02, 2014
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she is perfect, and great at sports. she is brown haired cutie with big hazel eyes. flawless eyebrows TOO! she i8s amazing and never take advantage of her, she will BEAT YOU. she also loves why don't we (especially zach)
guy: did you see her she is hot!
guy 2: um... her name is AnnaSophia, you got no chance with her.
by thepersonhere May 06, 2019
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