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1. When someone sexually rubs his/her/a foot on your ankle (socks optional but discouraged). Can be used in lieu of a footjob. Also known as an "AJ."
While you are standing in the hallway in Vegas outside your new Mexican wife's hotel room at 4am and you can't go in the room because her aunt and sister-in-law and child from New Mexico are sleeping in the room, and the Mexican woman is telling you that she wants to become a nurse but she's unsure if she can "do it" but you encourage her and say that if she puts her mind to it, she can do anything! During this exchange, she gives you an ankle job. You are reassuring and you promise to write her a letter and possibly send her child a "Penn State" t-shirt for her child. You contemplate this seriously on your flight home.
by dsausage May 12, 2009
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