you have never felt grass in ages
Person 1: I'm coming out of the closet...
Person 2: Really? I'll accept you no matter wha-
Person 1: I'm animesexual!
Person 2: Nevermind.
by tropicalskies December 30, 2021
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You have never felt the touch of grass in ages. You will never get bitches so that's why you're in love with your waifu. Basically, what zero pussy does to a mf.
Kid 1: I'm animesexual
Kid 2: have you ever touched grass?
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animesexual isn't real.
by _UZUMAKI December 29, 2021
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people who want to be oppressed

aka: not real sexuality you’re just tucking stupid.
p1: i’m animesexual
p2: no the fuck you’re not
by animesexualphobe February 2, 2021
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Animesexual is a term that cringy gacha kids use. Some even think that they're part of the LGBT+ and are proud about it.
Person 1: "Hey! I'm coming you of the closet right now."

Person 2: "Oh! I'll support you no matter what!"

Person 1: "I'm Animesexual!"

Person 2: "lmao no" *slaps person 1*
by Matrix's Problem Solver January 31, 2021
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person who's attracted to their waifu/husbando

also this is not a real sexuality !!! you can't use the f-slur if you're animesexual, you haven't been oppressed or faced homophobia.
Person 1: i'm animesexual
Person 2: that a sexuality...
Person 1: idk i saw it on twitter
by bisexualdumbass December 29, 2021
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