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a disease that happens once a year to all anime fans when an anime convention appears.

It can cause dicoloration of the hair,skin, sometimes eyes. There is random cosplaying and seeing countless anime characters everywhere. Also people have been known to take pictures of you in your cosplay. The more extreme/amazing the cosplay the more pictures would be taken.
They hold an anime convention all over the world and held in certain towns to bring all the anime addicted fans in one place in hope of getting rid of their animeitis by letting them enjoy tons of anime for 3 whole days. It works for a little when they come back and they will not be as addicted or it could fail and make their disease worse by making them more addicted. There is no known cure for animeitis.
"I had animeitis this weekend"

"I watched so much anime I think I came down with animeitis"

"At Anime conventions I have a serious case of animeitis"
by animecrazy2007 May 18, 2010
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