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An electronic form of expressions in which faces such as ^_^ are used by using a dash, hyphen or period for the mouth and a wide variety of characters for the eyes.

The faces can range from happy to surprised and it is most commonly used by anime fans. All of them exaggerates in facial expressions as most anime shows do.

A brief list of expressions include:
^_^ = Happy
O_O = Shocked or surprised
^o^ = Laughing
@_@ = Confused
-.- = Sad, disappointed or embarrassment
-.-* = Angry
O.o = Raising eyebrow.
oO_Oo = Blushing.

These, are only many of the hundreds of possible expressions you could find and create.
Animefanatic1: Is Sasami from Tenchi Muyo! cute or what? ^_^

Animefanatic2: Nah, I've seen girls who are much cuter than her.
by Full copper jacket July 28, 2003
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These are Faces by tying to express one's feelings on the net. There are many ways to do this.Many anime fans use the smilies. The example are just Basics.
^_^ : Happy
^_^;: happy- Sweatdrop/ Nervious
O_o: unsure
O_O: Surprise
-_-: No comment
-_-''': annoyed
>_<: Mad/or upset
by Broken January 26, 2004
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