Japanese animation drawn in the same style as manga just animated. Often messed up by America.
Did you know Pokémon isn't the only anime?
by Lemmondoggy December 26, 2015

Is the reason you are loosing an average of 4 hours of sleep per night; seeing your grades drop steadily; loosing at least 5G storage on your phone/computer; slowly becoming bankrupt (for some 'weird' reason); evolving slowly into a hermit crab that only moves occasionally to feed on pocky (or other Weeaboo captivated objects); and forgetting to go outside on most days (ahem, everyday).

It is also the concept that bought us all together in an element; formed a bond; changed your sentiment on life; took you on individual adventures (despite the fact that you never actually moved from your beds); and last of all, opened up a new world for you.
"Man, what happened to your grades?"
"Anime happened."

"Do you have any inspiration for us, Mr/Mrs President?"
"Idk, go home and watch some anime."
by Blyth September 21, 2015
Person 1: Have you watched the anime, Cory in the House?
Person 2: *Shoots self*
by DADDY LAZAGNA July 17, 2018
The attribution of a discrete indwelling spirit to every material form of reality such as plants, stones, and so on, and to natural phenomena such as storms, earthquakes, and the like.
Animism is a religious belief imputing spirits to natural forces and objects.

The rock has a spirit; the tree has a spirit, etc.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ July 24, 2010
Bio-Weapon invented by the Japanese Government that is designed to turn people into fat neckbeards.
As revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan sent Anime to the United States.
by Red010 July 16, 2017
A person who uses a computer or physical objects to create animations, cartoons, movies, games, etc. An animator is usually "that kinda of guy" who stares at people walking; and when asked what the heck he is looking at, he simply states hes "observing real-life movement". Animators are usually the most undermined in the movie/game field, but the most valuable. Not to mention animators are usually single for a very long time and find it hard to find a mate due to their "weirdness".
"Did you see that latest movie?! That monster looked so realistic!"

"Yah I did! The animators did a good job!"


"Hello, what do you do for a living?"

"I'm an animator."

"What is that?"
by datfaceisfacey December 31, 2016
Anime is an ongoing 2D series featuring Blake Shelton, Elton John & Oprah.

They all fight to stop Simon cowell from having to much cowbell… (Anime’s currency)

If you see you see someone watching anime, make sure you say
Yaegar Erin”

Referencing a side plot about a guy named one piece who is trying to catch them all…

Another common thing to tell anime watchers is

“I wrote your name in my death note book”

It is how Weebs say I love you…
Death note is a book that grants immortality…

(Also if you wanna make a girl who watches anime happy, tell her that she is a short haired love interest)

They always end up happy with the MC 🥰
Anime is my favorite TV show

You act just like Isabella from Anime.
by You Make Me Feel Like A Man August 9, 2021