She's awesome and beautiful. She may be small but she has the biggest personality. She sometimes can make dirty jokes.She can make you laugh and if you cross her she will end your life. She is the best person you will ever meet.
Omg don't you love Anikin
by Do it you won't boi June 7, 2016
A stupid, dumb, totally ridiculous action. Something that even a slow person would not do.
"Hey guys I think I'm gonna win a Iphone"


I left my email address on a Myspace ad that said you can win a free Iphone.

No way how did you fall for that? That is so Igor Anikin Style

Example #2

"Igor Anikin is the real deal 40 year old virgin."


"He is asking teenagers to hook him up with chicks even though he is 40."

"No way that is so Igor Anikin Style
by Sam Fisher212 September 23, 2009