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When you cum on a womans face while she sleeps so she wakes up with eyes stuck shut and lips stuck together and walks around with her arms outstretched walking blindly and mumbling jibberish because she can't open her mouth
CHRIS: How was the date?
ME: She was being stingy with the pussy and passed out drunk
Chris: Did you give her the angry zombie?
ME: Of course I did, she was pretty angry but after she cleaned up I let her swallow my kids so it all worked out
by kensobaby December 03, 2014
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is when your recieving oral sex from a girl. when she stops you bite a chunk out of her cheek, then slowly walk away saying "brains".
Tim: Whats with the blood on your face?
Rick: i just gave my girl an angry zombie.
Tim: high five.
by spadedace January 01, 2009
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