A large congregation of people banding together to take down whatever it is they think is plaguing their life. They usually carry torches and pitch forks, and speak in old english.
"Down with __________!" Someone says, raising his pitch fork.
Thousands of others scream "Down with__________!!!!!!" raising their torches and pitch forks.
by Exor January 16, 2004
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1. Group of angry like minded people banding together to cause havoc against what ever it is they are like minded with.

2. Brutal grindcore band out of Brisbane, Australia.
1. "Let's get 'em boys." The angry mob chased down the two metalheads, believing they were the hardcore satanists that burnt down the 7 churches.

2. Angry Mob are the most brutal band to come around.
by straightXed December 6, 2006
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An erection you get on a date when it's not supposes to get out of your pants.
Oh no, it's another angry mob.
by billthecat October 19, 2012
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