red hair literally. refers to caucasians.

the original term is 'ang moh gui', meaning a caucasian devil. 'ang moh gui' is used by ppl in 'nanyang' decades ago. most probably referring to colonial masters, who were mostly britons.

now, the 'gui'is dropped and juz means caucasian. no hatred involved.
me: "that ang moh is shuai (chinese word for handsome. To me, it also includes being hot)"
my friend: "well, most ang mohs are.."

ang mohs, are you all happy?
by my name. March 21, 2005
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Hokkien for red hair. Used in reference to caucasians because they are the only race capable of being born with natural red hair.
Wah liao! You see ang moh go eats so much, leh! Go eat eat eat till kena ah pui, lor.
by Fase March 12, 2005
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A Caucasian or a white person.

The term is regarded by many non-chinese as a racist derogatory term used increasingly as a racial slur to describe Caucasians in Singapore and Malaysia
He's a bloody stuck up ang-moh

Hey Ang-Moh, you wanna get out of the way lah?

Look at the ang-moh

Hey you - ang moh!
by fast_dolphin August 6, 2007
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A racist term used by Singaporeans, towards white person. The vast majority of its usage is in a derogatory sense. It is the equivalent of a white person calling a Chinese person a "chink", except saying chink in any Western country will get you in trouble. If a Singaporean calls you Ang Moh they will most likely get away with it, but if you call a Chinese looking person a "chink" in a Western country, then you will most likely be brought to court.

It is an incredibly stupid double standard, that is dismissed very easily by Singaporeans who say "it's just what we call Caucasians". It is absolutely a racist term, pure and simple.
Singaporean man: "Look at that fucking Ang Moh, thinking he's the shit, coming to our country, taking all our girls and jobs"
by EC7 July 24, 2015
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Literally translated, means 'red-head's shit' or 'Caucasian shit'. Used to describe Asians or Chinese who are unable to speak any of the Chinese Language dialects (their native languages or mother tongue), but who are able to speak English. Not necessarily a derogatory or rude term, but originated as such to mock the Chinese who would/could only speak English.
That stupid little ang moh sai thinks she's too good for us!

Aiyah, why waste your time trying to teach that ang moh sai.

You're such a cute little ang moh sai!
by ang moh sai 2 January 21, 2011
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