1. Flower Of The Ocean

2. Any of various perennial herbs of the genus Anemone, native chiefly to northern temperate regions and having palmately lobed leaves and large flowers with showy sepals. Also called windflower.

3. A sea anemone.
Anemone - Latin anemn, from Greek, probably from anemos, Meaning wind.
by Klichy February 05, 2010
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(Pronounced ane-ma-nee) Plant belonging to the buttercup family. Has brightly coloured flowers, and well spread out leaves.
He grows Anemone in his garden.
by sunniie.xq March 04, 2021
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If your name is Anemone you are probably an Aquarius. You love hanging out with your bffs and don't have a bf.
She is very clumsy and she acts like she's shy but isn't just for fun. She also has a crush on someone but doesn't want to admit it. She can also be very dangerous. If you have a gf that is named Anemone, don't cheat. I repeat, DO NOT CHEAT!
"Oh look, There's Anemone! Hi!!"
"Ummm... H-hi..." (Laughing inside)
by Lemon_x_Anna May 26, 2021
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To thrust ones penis into a sea anemone
Phillip chose to be an anemone diver and thrusted his penis deep into the tentacles of his stinging sea anemone. He received horrific stings to his genitalia and is now the talk of the ER.
by The almighty Drew July 26, 2015
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When your girls buthole puckers out like a sea cukumber.

This is a not bloody sanguine rose
I scrwed Daisy's butt til she was loose and sloppy, that anal anemone just didn;t do it for me no more
by Bob McBud June 11, 2009
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Jojojo- Aneemone, the world is ending now
Person - What’s that?
Jojojo- it’s my song, Anemone party
by JoDaddy#1 November 12, 2021
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