Legendary outfielder for the atlanta braves. Yeah he won gold gloves and all that but what makes him a legend is his appearance in court during The Gold Club (atlanta strip club) scandal. Jones went to a party hosted by owner of the club, during said party Jones fucked two strippers in front of several people. Here's what happened when asked about it in court.

Prosecutor: What were the women doing?
Jones: Lesbian action
Prosecutor: What did you do?
Jones: Both of 'em. (With a look on his face that said 'What the fuck you think I did?')
Now we know why Andruw Jones is always smiling, it's all that lesbian action.
by atl princess April 24, 2005
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like the worst player to ever be considered in an mvp race ever. career batting average is like .270, strikes out 90 percent of the time, hits .100 something with runners in scoring position, needs to find another hobby besides throwing his back out swinging a piece of wood.
wow that andruw jones guy just hit the ball a mile, i wonder if him going from hitting 30homeruns to hitting 51 homeruns has anything to do with steiroids. . . .
by johnnie o'toole November 22, 2005
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A once premier center fielder for the Atlanta Braves, who has won many gold gloves and hit many home runs, but NOW SUCKS ASS FOR THE DODGERS even though he is one of their highest paid players.
"Hey! Now Andruw Jones is hitting even worse than Derek Lowe and Brad Penny!"
by q_mac75 July 23, 2008
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1. the best baseball player to ever play the sport no 1 is better than him no matter what u say # 25 for the best mlb team (atlanta braves)
Andruw Jones is the best.
by Derka Abdul September 4, 2006
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