Short for Anarcho-communism, a political ideology that seeks to limit state power while also allowing collective ownership of critically needed industries. It was first conceptualized by Peter Kropotkin with his bread book in the 19th century and is in stark contrast to later authoritarian communist states.

For example: instead of a few people owning Boeing, Apple, Purdue, and the other major US companies, they would be owned and directed by their workers democratically. The idea is that a few greedy folks at the top aren't going to screw everyone else under them, because an informed democracy and solid constitution wouldn't allow it. Anarcho-capitalists believe they can establish and maintain this order in absence of a state, or a under a minimalist state.
Those ancoms are going to turn the grocery into a co-op. Fuck yeah!
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Short for anarcho-communism or anarcho-communist
-What does ancom even mean?
-It's a short for anarcho-communism or anarcho-communist.
by eyehavsweg June 5, 2015
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