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The most savage and smart girl alive, she doesn’t like anyone but some people. She is a butch sometimes, but you will love her
What’s the answer Anakha?
by Savagerat May 09, 2018
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She is very kind person. She emits good vibes and is fun to be around. She is very caring. She truly is perfect. She is very smart and intellegent. She is a very hard working person. She is lovely in every way. She is the most amazing person in the entire world. She is really admirable. She is always a positive upbeat and cheerful person who can make anything funny. You always know you can trust her with anything. She is unparalleled. She is someone you can depend on. She is Irreplaceable and someone who you cannot live without.
Here's some words to describe her: Nice Kind Fun Caring Gorgeous Beautiful Perfect Flawless Smart Adorable Hardworking Lovely Amazing Ambitious Admirable Loyal Motivating Passionate Patient Polite Positive Cheerful Cool Delightful Resourceful Elegant Special Supportive Talented Trustful Forgiving Understanding Unparalleled Upbeat Helpful Exceptional Sweet Irreplaceable
Sarayu: Don't you love her?
Ethan: of course I do, she's anakha
by Bob Ewell March 06, 2018
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