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An amazing sweet girl who you can tell anything to and she will be there for you. A great friend that will never hurt you on purpose
wow Sarayu you are an sweet, amazing, good friend !
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Sarayu, while a very compassionate girl who is gorgeous beyond possibility, she definitely has her mood swings. She may tell you she love you one minute, but next she'll tell you she'll beat you up. They're great friends but be careful around one!
" Were you talking to Sarayu over there?"
"Yeah dude she's freaking gorgeous!"
"True, but make sure you don't piss her off!"
by Manjeet Raju April 01, 2016
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Here's a freind. A freind who will make every dark moment beautiful and full of her enthusiasm and happiness. She's a very lovable person and your love for her will break through any wall and conquer any barrier. Your friendship with her will last no matter what no matter what happens no matter what doesn't. She's a beautiful person who will make you smile no matter what your in.
"Whenever ur going thru hard times you can always text me I'll give u words of encouragement",sarayu
by Ablative June 22, 2018
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